Note: The HTML/Web Version of eat crumbs 2 is missing a lot of features from the downloaded desktop version. Please, download the game for the fullest experience!


(Attempt to) eat | Left-Click or Bound Key
Peck | Right-Click or Bound Key
Attack | Right-Click + [A or D]
Move | WSAD
Run | Shift
Open Menu (in-game) | Escape

Remember, keys can be rebound in the "Keybinds" option menu!

How to Play

Eat crumbs to gain points, make sure to break them into pieces small enough for your pathetic turkey self to digest, or you'll choke. Eating rocks will tire you easily and cause you to choke. Spam your movement keys to spit out whatever has you choking.

Running reduces your stamina; Lower stamina? Slower health recovery. Eating bread increases your stamina greatly.

Casual Mode | Eat crumbs and chill. The only way to die is choking to death.
Challenge Mood | Eat crumbs, rocks, bread, and avoid a (very) hungry farmer.


LikWid-Official | Game, Code & Art
r3dh3ad | Music & OST
HamsterCreativity | Trailer

Loving the soundtrack? Listen to it here


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what engine did you use to make this on? Also are you in any game development groups or is it solo?

Made in GameMaker Studio 2, and no, I'm not in any official teams :)